My Personal Moral Compass

Module 3: Christian Morality

Why do our choices have to be so painful to make? Why is it so tough to be a good person today?

A Guide to Being Good

The oughts and shoulds and dos and don’ts of the world conspire to trip us up. Or so we think. In a complex existence suffused with more shades of grey than we can imagine, our answers to the moral questions of the day no longer come in black or white. Cultural values, societal norms and religious teachings scheme to befuddle us. So what are we to make of euthanasia, abortion, the death penalty, homosexuality and experiments with embryonic stem cells? It all depends.

Perhaps it is time to go back to basic principles and a study of Ethics. Ethics, in its best understanding, deals with the fulfillment of the human potential and the art of achieving the good life. And even happiness.

What You Will Learn

In this series of modules, we gain a better understanding of our moral compass, so as to understand the basis of how we come to make our decisions which gives us then, the freedom to navigate the unpredictable, unchartered roads of our life’s journeys.

Lesson 1:

God and Ethics

Lesson 2:

Christian Ethics

Lesson 3:

God's Graceful Moves

Lesson 4:

The Faith that Saves

Lesson 5:

Saved in Hope

Lesson 7:

Christian Happiness

Lesson 6:

Loving, the Christian Way

Your Lecturer - Fr David Garcia, OP.

Fr David, is a Dominican Moral Theologian who lectures at the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary (SFXMS) and Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore (CTIS) in Moral Theology.

He is also a well-known speaker who has addressed a spectrum of issues affecting society ranging from family life, social justice and bioethics. Fr David had worked and/or is working with various church organisations including CTIS, Catholic Medical Guild, Family Life Society and Caritas Singapore.